6 Useful Productivity Apps For Freelancers and Busy Professionals

Productivity Apps for freelancers and busy professionals

We get bombarded with data every day. This could be in the form of email you receive, feed update you see on Facebook, or videos you watch on Youtube.

In this era of witnessing rapidly expanding data around you, it’s getting hard to be focused on the work at hand and be productive in what you do.

So let’s turn to the same technology that is making us distracted to try and be productive in our daily lives.

There are thousands of apps, websites, and browser extensions that can help you save time every day, I am listing the ones that I use frequently and have found to be really useful in being productive.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a powerful suite of apps that you can use in managing work and data. It includes:

  • Google Drive – You can save files to Google Drive and then access it from anywhere. It acts just like your hard drive but since it’s a cloud drive, you can access it even when you’re traveling or don’t have access to your personal/work computer.
  • Google Docs (Sheets, Docs, Slides) – Google Docs are really useful if you work with data and presentations and want to be able to access these from anywhere. With Google Sheets, you can easily record and analyze data. It comes with hundreds of formulas and other functionalities. Google Docs is a great tool if you need to take notes or prepare reports. Google Slides allows you to quickly create slides and share it with anyone instantly.
  • Gmail: While Gmail is available for free for personal use, if you’re a small business or a freelancer, you can use your own domain to get a personalized email id. This allows you to use the familiar Gmail interface, while still looking more professional in your communication.


Asana is a great project management tool.

It works well for people who work from remote locations but still needs to coordinate with their team.

Using Asana, you can plan and organize your projects. It syncs in real time that makes it perfect for dispersed teams. You can also assign a specific task to a specific team member and he gets notified of the new task. This allows delegating and managing tasks extremely efficient.


Evernote is a note-taking app that you can easily use with your phone or tablet.

No matter where you are, you can easily note an idea, thought, or even an entire article using this app. You can also record your ideas and play it when you want to go through it later.

The best part is that all these notes are saved in the cloud. So you can access these from anywhere with an internet connection.


If your work involves creating snapshots, Snagit can save hours of your time.

It’s especially recommended for people who have to show a step by step process (for example if you’re a teacher then you can take images and explain it further using arrows, highlights, and notes). I often use it for clients when I need to document processes.


Pomodoro is a technique that emphasizes on working in the batches of 25 minutes, followed by small breaks of 5-10 minutes.

It works great as it requires you to concentrate on the work at hand and do it for at least 25 minutes. In these 25 minutes, you have to ignore everything (social media alerts, emails, phone calls, etc.).

You can get a free Pomodoro app on your phone or tablet, or can also use free online Pomodoro timers (just google ‘Pomodoro timer’ and you will find some good ones).


No matter what you do, writing is an essential part of it. Be it blog posts, articles, emails, proposals, you need to make sure your writing is error-free, impactful and professional.

ProwritingAid is a writers friend as it allows you to assess your written content on several parameters. You can instantly generate reports to check your grammar, readability, writing style, stickiness, etc.

These reports allow you to assess the written content and at the same time, helps you in becoming a better writer.

You can read a well written ProwritingAid review here.